What happens when COVID-19 affects your Preneed Funeral plans

Funeral arrangements you chose while preplanning may have to be changed due to COVID-19 guidelines

COVID-19 has disrupted the nation, people’s lives, and many businesses, including funeral homes, across the country. Due to shutdowns and social distancing guidelines, funeral homes have had to find creative ways to continue to honor loved ones while also keeping clients safe.

Some have held drive-by funerals and provided online services, such as guest book webpages and virtual condolence cards. Others have dealt with increased cremation requests or had to alter coffin choices.

This means, due to COVID-19 guidelines, some Preneed funeral arrangements chosen at the time of the pre-arrangement may have to be changed at the time of death. If you have a Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC®) Preneed Funeral insurance plan, you may be asking:

What if, due to COVID-19, I am not able to have the funeral services exactly as I preplanned?

Answer: GWIC understands the restrictions placed on social gatherings may have an impact on your preplanned funeral. If the assigned funeral home is unable to provide the goods and services under the prearranged funeral plan at time of need, your family may be able to modify what goods and services are provided. If changes are made, the funeral home will provide you with the prices for the newly selected goods and services. Once the assigned funeral home’s claim is satisfied, any excess funds will be paid to the beneficiary, contingent beneficiary, or estate of the insured, according to the terms of the policy or certificate.

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