Life Insurance 101

Preplanning your final wishes is emotionally taxing, but when insurance terms and acronyms are thrown in, it can be downright intimidating. Our Life Insurance 101 articles will educate you about various insurance solutions so you can more easily choose the right Preneed or Final Expense plan for you.

4 Steps to Preplanning a Funeral

If preplanning your funeral seems intimidating, you’re not alone. The reality is most people find preplanning easier and more beneficial than they’d imagined, especially once they understand what’s involved.

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Differences Among Types of Life Insurance

Your situation determines which life insurance plan will work best to secure your financial future. To help you decide which plan is best for you, we'll walk through definitions and compare Term, Whole Life, Preneed, and Final Expense.

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Preneed Insurance: What to Ask at Your Preplanning Appointment

If you’d like to pay your funeral expenses in advance with a Preneed Funeral insurance plan, you’ll need to spell out your wishes in a preplanning appointment. Here's what to ask your preneed agent.

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What Makes the Best Final Expense Insurance Plan

As you get older, the ways in which you take care of our loved ones will change. You’ll look for solutions to eliminate placing a financial burden on them in your final days and beyond, like Final Expense insurance.

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Find a Preneed Funeral Home Partner

Great Western Insurance Company's preneed regional managers can connect you with a funeral home partner who offers our Preneed Funeral insurance in your state.

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Our Funeral Expenses Calculator can help estimate your burial and end-of-life expenses and show how those costs could be affected by inflation over time. The data can help you determine whether Final Expense or Preneed Funeral insurance will meet your needs.

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