Why your funeral home should work with GWIC

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As a funeral provider, you carry many burdens. They extend far beyond the emotional weight of helping families in your community through some of their toughest times. A changing world has changed the industry, challenging you to demonstrate your value and learn new forms of marketing. This is all while providing the top-notch service your clients expect.
Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC®) understands your challenges and your goals. Founded in 1983 by the owner of Lindquist Mortuaries & Cemeteries, a five-generation family business, GWIC specializes in the funeral service profession. We have a specific focus on the financial needs of funeral home providers and the families you serve. Our background ensures we understand the full responsibility of being a financial steward. We are committed to helping secure your financial future and ease your clients’ stress with simple and effective Preneed Funeral insurance plans.
"A planned and funded Preneed Funeral insurance plan makes the worst day of a family’s life a little easier. Every family deserves to hear about this option, so they can make the best decision for themselves," said Kenn Peterson, vice president, National Sales — Preneed. "GWIC provides knowledgeable representatives to articulate, effective tools to educate, and flexible products to facilitate, so you can help more families experience the benefits of Preneed insurance."
Here are 12 reasons why your funeral home should partner with GWIC to provide Preneed Funeral insurance:

1. You have people working with you and for you to ensure your success.

Finding the right way to tell clients about Preneed Funeral insurance may seem intimidating. GWIC provides you with tools to feel confident and teach your clients make an educated decision. Our professional and highly experienced Preneed regional managers are ready to help you.

2. You have growth rate options to fit your needs.

Your financial situation will differ from that of another funeral home provider, and it may even change from time to time. That’s why we give you growth rate options to best fit your current needs. Choose to increase your growth rate and reduce your commissions, or decrease your growth rate and increase your commissions, with GWIC’s Select Fit program.

3. You have access to a complete Preneed portfolio to meet any need and budget.

GWIC’s Preneed Funeral insurance plans are designed to keep pace with an ever-changing funeral market. Our three industry-leading Preneed insurance solutions — Course, Voyage, and Destination — can help meet any client’s needs. Course and Voyage offer Single Premium, One-year, Three-year, Five-year, and Ten-year payment options; the Destination plan is Single Premium. All provide first-day coverage. Families can rest assured that no one will be denied for poor health and policy premiums will never increase.

4. You can easily stay in touch with families after the funeral.

Our aftercare program, My Careletter®, sends a grief support newsletter every month in the year following a client’s funeral. The program builds your contact list, while you maintain connections and strengthen bonds with the families you serve.

5. You can remove the burden of social media marketing.

Adopting new means of getting in front of future clients and staying in touch with current clients are tasks within themselves. GWIC helps relieve that burden. We partner with a social media marketing company to offer you Facebook marketing and campaign management that deliver proven results at low costs.

6. You can utilize free, personalized marketing services.

Our specially designed, effective marketing materials help you educate your community — at no additional cost. These include services for direct mail, brochures, and Facebook ads to promote brand awareness of your funeral home and share information about Preneed Funeral insurance.

7. You have an insurance provider that’s easy to do business with.

Take the guesswork out of application submissions and insurance payments with GWIC. Our MyEnrollerSM tool allows you to submit applications online and receive commissions faster. MyEnroller is only available in some states. If your state doesn’t have MyEnroller yet, you can use DocuSign and voice authorization to help you process paper applications faster and over the phone.

8. You are recognized for your hard work.

Incentive trips and daily electronic commission payments show we appreciate your efforts. We keep you up to date with easy-to-understand, online commission statements.

9. You have a partner to finance your funeral home initiatives.

At GWIC, we want you to be successful in every way. That’s why we provide funeral home loans through our Commercial Mortgage Lending program. For these initiatives, we can help with financing and be a preferred financing partner.

10. You have sales training materials at the ready.

Our Seminar in a Box helps you start — and stay — on the right foot by guiding you through the sales process. Access a planning presentation, a direct mail campaign, an event planner, and a facilitator’s guide whenever you need them. GWIC also hosts regular webinars to help you learn new technology and give you pointers for selling Preneed Funeral insurance.

11. You have all the information and reports you need.

Know your sales goals and get status reports through our agent portal, MyNavigator®. It also allows you to perform policy searches and access marketing tools and materials.

12. You have more people ready to help.

If you have questions beyond sales or need help with using our tools, our Agent Care department is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time to assist. Reach them by phone at 866-689-1401 or by email.
If you’re a funeral home provider ready to learn more about GWIC and its Preneed Funeral insurance plans, contact the Preneed regional manager for your state.
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Memorial Park Funeral Homes

"Memorial Park Funeral Homes have been using the Voyage product for the last 18 years, and the growth for our firm is second to none. Just recently, we fulfilled a Preneed that was written in September 2012 for $8,200. When she passed away in March 2020, the death benefit was $13,572. It grew $5,372 in eight years. In the past, we had entertained the idea of using other products, but there is just nothing out there that can compete with GWIC’s Voyage plan. When using the Voyage product, we don’t have to ever worry about eating a loss on our at-needs, and I fully recommend any funeral home to use the GWIC Voyage product."

– Kevin Wetzel
Memorial Park Funeral Homes
Gainesville, Georgia

Rudd Funeral Home

"Our funeral home has always sold GWIC insurance, and we could not be happier. The growth on the Voyage plan has kept up well with our charges throughout the years. We recommend using the Voyage plan to fund your preplanning needs. We have had several families that have welcomed the growth of their policies and having a credit with us."

– Joe and Rachell Rudd
Rudd Funeral Home
Garland, Utah

Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels and Cremation Center

"The Voyage product from Great Western Insurance Company has created the difference from being profitable as a Preneed provider versus taking a financial loss. Families also recognize the value of the death benefit always being equal to or in excess of premiums paid. It’s a great policy with great benefits to the family and funeral home."

– Kurt L. Soffe
President and co-owner
Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels
and Cremation Center
Murray and South Jordan, Utah
GWIC partner since 1993

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