When you work with Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC®), you gain a partner focused on your success. GWIC is here to help you get the best return on your Preneed business. Just like the commitment you have to your families, we have a commitment to you. With GWIC, you reduce the risk of Preneed shortfalls and increase your profitability. You can count on us to be your Preneed partner.

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*The 2.5, 3.5, or even 9 times greater increase on the death benefit is based on an internal overview of the potential returns a funeral home partner may receive, depending on its face amount and policy year count, with a death benefit in Year 10. GWIC’s calculations are based on a 71-year-old Voyage policyholder who paid all premiums and had them returned in the death benefit.

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Memorial Park Funeral Homes

"Memorial Park Funeral Homes have been using the Voyage product for the last 18 years, and the growth for our firm is second to none. Just recently, we fulfilled a Preneed that was written in September 2012 for $8,200. When she passed away in March 2020, the death benefit was $13,572. It grew $5,372 in eight years. In the past, we had entertained the idea of using other products, but there is just nothing out there that can compete with GWIC’s Voyage plan. When using the Voyage product, we don’t have to ever worry about eating a loss on our at-needs, and I fully recommend any funeral home to use the GWIC Voyage product."

– Kevin Wetzel
Memorial Park Funeral Homes
Gainesville, Georgia

Rudd Funeral Home

"Our funeral home has always sold GWIC insurance, and we could not be happier. The growth on the Voyage plan has kept up well with our charges throughout the years. We recommend using the Voyage plan to fund your preplanning needs. We have had several families that have welcomed the growth of their policies and having a credit with us."

– Joe and Rachell Rudd
Rudd Funeral Home
Garland, Utah

Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels and Cremation Center

"The Voyage product from Great Western Insurance Company has created the difference from being profitable as a Preneed provider versus taking a financial loss on each policy serviced due to lack of policy growth. The Voyage product provides our family business with an assurance we can meet our expenses in the future. The Voyage product has been so successful that most of our Preneed policies at the time of service have an excess amount of growth allowing us to provide a refund to the beneficiary family. That refund has provided further confirmation along with funeral home goodwill to families that Preneed/prefunded funeral plans are a very wise decision. Families also recognize the value of the death benefit always being equal to or in excess of premiums paid. It’s a great policy with great benefits to the family and funeral home."

– Kurt L. Soffe
President and co-owner
Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Chapels
and Cremation Center
Murray and South Jordan, Utah
GWIC partner since 1993