Funeral expenses calculator

It can be a challenge to decide how to pay for your end-of-life plans. This funeral expenses calculator will help estimate your burial and final expenses, and then it will show how those costs could be affected by inflation over time. The data will help you determine whether Final Expense or Preneed Funeral insurance will meet your needs.

The figures in the fields below are national median and average funeral expenses in the United States of an adult burial or cremation. Both selections include costs for a viewing and cemetery burial. Prices vary significantly by state. You may edit and add costs in the fields to better fit your location and plans. For example, if you choose a direct cremation without an urn burial, remove the costs in the “Embalming,” “Burial/Urn/Liner,” and “Monument/tombstone and installation fees” fields.

Includes plot, opening/closing of grave, and endowment care

These figures were obtained from the National Funeral Directors Association, Everplans, and Cost Helper. They are estimates only. To obtain a more specific quote, contact an agent.

Is Preneed or Final Expense insurance right for you?

Please enter your gender and age to compare what you would pay for the estimated funeral expenses below if you purchased a Preneed Funeral insurance policy, Final Expenses plan, or no insurance.

The "Total funeral expenses" amount is for comparison purposes only and is based on national median and average costs in the United States. Prices vary significantly by state and by funeral details you choose.
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Preneed Funeral Insurance

With a Preneed plan, you lock in present day prices for your future funeral services only. You can pay it in one lump sum now or in monthly installments.

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Total Funeral Expenses estimate + $9,000 to cover extra expenses

Final Expense Insurance

With a Final Expense plan, you pay a monthly premium until you pass away. Your beneficiaries can use the payout for your funeral costs and other expenses.

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Total Funeral Expenses at 2.5% inflation for length of Life Expectancy

This amount is the Total Funeral Expenses listed above affected by inflation at your estimated life expectancy. You will need to set this amount aside to avoid having your loved ones pay this out of pocket.

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