Funeral Home Partners

Great Western Insurance Company’s success is largely due to our funeral home partners and our understanding of the financial needs of funeral homes. We offer a variety of services to help funeral homes serve policyholders and their families.

Ease of doing business

We partner with a third-party, credit-processing vendor that makes managing Preneed insurance payments simple with credit card and debit card payments. Our expressApp tool allows funeral homes to submit applications online in order to reduce errors while creating faster commissions through quicker submissions.

Complete portfolio of products

We sell two industry-leading Preneed Funeral insurance solutions — Course and Voyage. They help you engage with your clients and strengthen their confidence in end-of-life financing, regardless of which stage they are in preplanning their final wishes.

Commissions and incentives

We offer incentive trips, pay semi-weekly commissions electronically, and provide easy-to-understand online commission statements. 

Advance funding for you

Our advance funding program allows a funeral home to submit a claim on the deceased’s life insurance policy, even though it’s not a Great Western plan, and we’ll cover the cost of the funeral. We’re able to do this by collecting the life insurance policy that the deceased had as our payment. If enough money from the life insurance policy is collected to pay for the funeral and cover our fee, the remaining funds are given to the beneficiary of the deceased. This enables funeral homes to cover their expenses, even though the deceased did not have a Preneed Funeral insurance policy.

Growth rate options that fit your needs

We recognize that each funeral home partner has a different financial situation. Our Select Fit program allows you to choose a growth rate that best fits your needs. With this, you have the option to increase your growth rate and reduce your commissions or decrease your growth rate and increase your commissions.

Personalized marketing services

We offer personalized marketing services to promote brand awareness of your funeral home and increase Preneed Funeral insurance knowledge. We place your logo and customize your contact information on the marketing materials for free. The materials, such as direct mail, brochures, and Facebook ads, can include information regarding various Preneed, funeral, and burial insurance policies you provide.

Sales training materials

Seminar in a Box is a guide that walks preneed partners through the sales process. The box contains a Preneed Funeral insurance planning presentation, a direct mail marketing campaign, an event planner, a facilitator’s guide, a PowerPoint presentation, and a DVD that discusses the concerns people often have with preneed planning. It can be requested by email.

Aftercare program to connect with families

Our aftercare program is a continued service to families after a funeral has taken place. It features My Careletter, which is sent monthly for the year following a client’s funeral and includes articles written by professionals about grief support. The program is meant to strengthen the relationship between you and the families you serve. It builds a strong contact list and can ultimately help you connect with family members when they’re searching for Preneed Funeral insurance.

Easily accessible website for reporting

Utilize the reporting system on our agent website, called myNavigator, to reach sales goals. The site assists with policy searches, provides marketing tools, and helps you manage materials needed to orchestrate sale requirements.

Strong agent support and customer service

Our agent support department is a one-stop shop for all Preneed Funeral insurance resources. It can help with commission reports, funeral home reporting, application questions, and training. Our team is available Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mountain time. You can reach them by phone at (866) 689-1401 or by email at

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